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A number of existing robot platforms are used and developed on the TRA project.

Care-o-bot and Sunflower

The first two robots — Care-o-bot (top) and Sunflower (bottom) — are based in the University of Hertfordshire Robot House. They have been used previously to examine home-assistance scenarios in which physical and/or cognitive assistance was provided to human volunteers.

Care-o-bot robot
Sunflower robot


The third robot, BERT 2, is part of the Cooperative Human Robot Interactive Systems (CHRIS) project on which it was first used. BERT 2 has been used to examine manufacturing scenarios in which it collaborated with human colleagues to complete manufacturing tasks, including dynamic component handovers (top) and product manufacture (bottom). BERT 2 is based at BRL's custom robot test and evaluation facility.

BERT 2 robot conducting a component handover test
BERT 2 robot cooperating with a human in product manufacture